Hoiday Merch Sale! 10% Off!! Limited stock remaining!

T-Shirts, Glasses and CD's!!!

Pick up your St. James's Gate official merchandise while you still can!  Santa love St. James's Gate! 

10% Off through the holidays - 15% off when you buy 2 items or more!

Just CONTACT US If you are interested in shirts, glasses or older CD's.   
Our latest CD's can be purchased directly here...  

StJG Official Merchandise Inventory - 11/15/19

  • Men's T-Shirts - 1-3XL, 2-2XL, 3-XL, 2-L - $25 for XXXL,XXL sizes, $20 for XL and L
  • Women's T-Shirts - 3-2XL, 3-XL, 5-L - $25 for XXL sizes and $20 for XL and L.
  • Whiskey Glasses - Only 2 Left! - $15 each
  • St. James's Gate CD (1st recording) - Only 3 left!  All CD's $15!
  • St. James's Gate - Station to Station CD (2nd recording) - SOLD OUT
  • St. James's Gate - We'll Be Right Back (3rd recording) - Only 7 Left!
  • St. James's Gate - Live at the Shamrock Run (4th recording) - In Stock
  • St. James's Gate - Happy Life! (5th recording) - NEW!



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